Nappies Size 4 Maxi - 30 Pack

Nappies Size 4 Maxi - 30 Pack


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Moltex No. 1 Nappies are eco disposable nappies and don't cost the Earth! They have all the features of leading conventional disposables but are much kinder to your baby's skin and the environment the natural choice for parents who need to use disposables but are worried about the impact on the environment.

MOLTEX, the branded product with a long tradition, introduced the first eco nappy to the world in 1991. MOLTEX nature no.1 is the only response to the demand for responsible products and innovative advances.

The elastic waistbands in the Comfort Stretch system in MOLTEX nature no.1 guarantee a perfect fit. Thanks to the comfortable elastic fit, your baby can kick and move about to its heart’s content without feeling a pinch.

  • 30 Nappies
  • For Babies from 7-18 kg
  • Noticeably dry 3-layers for fast absorption
  • Elasticated waistbands ensure a perfect fit.
  • Completely breathable clothing protection film
  • Dermatologically tested on an ongoing basis
  • First eco nappy in the world for over 20 years
  • Environmentally friendly production