Pogo Stick - Pink/ Purple
Pogo Stick - Pink/ Purple

Pogo Stick - Pink/ Purple


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The Pink and Purple Pogo Jumper has a super spring bounce action, strong Z-Tech handle bar system, U-shaped handle bar, heavy-duty spring, non-slip replaceable stopper and tough foot rests. Let the bouncing fun commence!

This popular Pink and Purple Ozbozz Pogo Stick has a durable construction and incorporates a high-tech design. The Ozbozz Black and Silver Pogo Stick has many features which contribute towards the durability of this phenomenal pogo stick.

  • Pink and Purple Pogo Jumper with durable construction
  • Super spring bounce action with Z Tech handle bar system and U-shaped handle
  • Heavy duty spring
  • Non-slip replaceable stopper
  • Tough foot rests
  • Recommended for Age 5+
  • Comes with Ozbozz spare parts warranty.

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