Wizard Duo Insert
Wizard Duo Insert
Wizard Duo Insert
Wizard Duo Insert
Wizard Duo Insert
Wizard Duo Insert
Wizard Duo Insert

Wizard Duo Insert


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The Mother-ease Wizard Duo fitted inserts include an absorbent soaker pad sewn in The absorbent Wizard Duo fitted insert is the cloth nappy component of the All-in-Two cloth nappy system.

The Duo fitted insert snaps inside the Duo Cover. Once complete, your All-in-Two cloth nappy is ready to be used on your baby. When the Duo fitted insert becomes wet or soiled, simply unsnap from the Duo cover and replace with a clean one, reusing your waterproof cover 3-4 times before having to launder.

The inside surface layer of the Duo absorbent insert is a specially designed stay dry fabric. Upon contact moisture is immediately drawn through the pores to the inner absorbent core. The stay dry fabric is buttery soft and easy to clean. Baby is left feeling dry and happy with reduced incidence of rash development.

  • Snaps in and out of Duo Cover (sold separately)
  • Elastics all around for superb containment
  • Expands and contracts to fit inside the Duo Cover
  • Available in a range of different sizes to fit your family's needs
  • Fully elasticated creating a first line of defence against leaks
  • Wide coverage ensuring that only the insert fabric will sit against your babies skin
  • Secured inside the Duo Covers with 6 snaps keeping the fitted insert in place
  • No bunching and keeps the cover clean so you can reuse and reuse again
  • Quick to adjust the length of the insert with the fold over rise for a perfect fit inside your Duo Cover
  • Machine Washable and fast drying times
  • 2 lines of defence against leaks
  • Finished in Stay Dry fabric

Please note: Cotton and Bamboo terry options do not have the Stay Dry or the ultra absorbent core.

Size Range and absorbency
  • One Size 10-35 lbs - Fits Into One Size Duo Cover, Small Duo Cover and Large Duo Cover. Unbleached Cotton - 11.5 oz (340 ml), Bamboo Terry - 11.5 oz (340 ml) and Stay Dry - 15 oz (425 ml)
  • Newborn 6-12 lbs - Fits into XSmall Duo Cover and Small Duo Cover. Unbleached Cotton - 7.5 oz (225 ml), Bamboo Terry - 7.5 oz (225 ml) and Stay Dry - 10 oz (300 ml)
  • XLarge 35-45 lbs - Fits into XLarge Duo Cover. Unbleached Cotton - 12.5 oz (375 ml), Bamboo Terry - 12.5 oz (370ml) and Stay Dry - 15.5 oz (450 ml)